Use the ACM DL to discover and connect with ACM proceedings authors

In our last message, we showed you how to use the “Conferences” section of the ACM Digital Library to quickly discover more about ACM’s 170+ computing conferences, workshops, and symposia. Now, we would like to take a deep dive into the “Authors” section of a conference’s DL landing page.

The “Authors” section is a powerful tool for discovering and connecting with the individuals who publish work at a conference. To use this resource, select “Conferences” in the DL’s main navigation to navigate to the “Conferences” landing page. Then, click any conference’s tile among the alphabetically sorted grid, and select the “Authors” tab on the conference’s landing page.

The top of a conference’s “Authors” section displays its most frequent and most cited authors, latest year’s top subject and keyword, and the conference’s most frequent affiliation. The section below this contains a search feature scoped to authors who have published at this conference. By default, the search results display each of this conference’s authors sorted by paper count. The filters to the left of the results section allow you to search a conference’s authors by institution, ACM designations, and publication dates. You can also use the search bar at the top to perform a search for any one particular author.

After you have performed a search, you can view all of the papers an author has published at this conference by clicking the number in the “Paper Counts” section. To learn more about the author, click their name or avatar photo to navigate to this person’s author page in the DL, where you can learn a great deal about this person’s work and affiliations, visit their personal website, or connect with them via email or any other contact method they have provided.