ACM Remote Access to ACM Digital Library

Increasingly, computing students and professionals study and work from their homes, virtual offices, and while in transit, but require the same access to important knowledge resources that they previously had access to while on campus or at the office. As a result, it is becoming important for information providers like the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) to adapt to how end users work.

In an effort to expand and enhance access to the ACM Digital Library, the computing industry's most trusted resource for high quality scholarly and practitioner-oriented information, for its nearly 1,500,000 individual users, ACM has now launched a new service that enables end users at subscribing institutions to access the complete ACM Digital Library from anywhere they may be in the world using any web-enabled device.

The service is now live and available for users at all institutions that currently subscribe to the ACM Digital Library.

End users should follow this simple 4-step process to take advantage of this new service and start using the ACM Digital Library remotely:

  1. Verify with your institution that they have an active institutional subscription to the ACM Digital Library (talk to your librarian)
  2. Create a free ACM Web Account by clicking here (If you already have an active ACM Web Account, please disregard)
  3. Login to your ACM Web Account from inside your institution's library environment. This will activate your Remote Access.
  4. Start using your Remote Access anywhere by logging in to your ACM Web Account

Remote Access to the ACM Digital Library allows unrestricted use for a period of 6 months, after which the user must repeat step #3 above. Anytime the user signs into his or her ACM Web Account from within the institution's library environment, the 6 months active period is reset. The default 6 months period may be extended by special arrangement between ACM and the institution's librarian.

Please visit our FAQs page for answers to your most basic questions. Thank you.

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