Explore the many interactive features of article pages in the ACM DL

An article page in the ACM Digital Library is so much more than a place to download that article. It serves as a landing page for the article, containing informational and interactive features that maximize the value of the content you read in the DL.

The article page in the ACM DL provides all the details that you would expect to find, including authors, their affiliations, DOI, publication, publisher, abstract, references, key terms, and much more. It also provides bibliometrics about the article, including its total citations and total number of downloads. You can find these numbers beside the double quote and metrics icons which appear directly above the abstract.

The article page makes it easy to discover and navigate to related content, allowing you to easily browse the other articles in the journal issue or proceedings volume, and by recommending articles on the same topic.

The article page also offers clickable references, citation exports, citation alerts, social sharing, community discussion/commenting and many more features which we’ll discuss over the next few emails.