Explore interactive and feature-rich article pages in your new digital library

Last week, we introduced you to how author profile pages make DL contributors’ work more searchable and discoverable. Now we invite you to explore another new and improved aspect of the ACM Digital Library – article pages that include informational and interactive features that maximize the value of the content you read in the DL.

When you navigate to any article page with your desktop, you’ll find a pill-shaped module, to the right of the text, containing icons that display various information about the article you’re reading. The top icon, “Information & Authors” will display details about the article, including authors and contributors, DOI, publication, publisher, key terms and much more. Below this is the “Bibliometrics & Citations” icon. You’ll also find a “References” icon that displays linked references resolved through Crossref. Another notable feature of this module is the social sharing icon at the bottom, which will allow you to share a link to the article on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Reddit, or via email.

Article pages also make it easier to discover and navigate to content related to what you’re reading. To the left of the “Abstract” section of the page, you’ll see a box displaying the “Next” and “Previous” article in the collection (journal issue, conference proceeding, etc.) that you happen to be reading.

Scroll down the page, and a pop-up box will appear displaying other recommended articles on the subject you’re reading about. Below the abstract, a tree diagram displays related index terms and their relevance to the article.

Additionally, article pages allow readers to write and post comments, questions, and carry on discussions in a thread at the bottom of the page, which can also be posted to social media.