Discover an author's work and interests more easily with new author profile pages

Last week, we showed you how to use binders to personalize your ACM Digital Library experience and seamlessly collaborate with colleagues. This week, we’d like to introduce you to author profile pages -- profiles for individual authors that make DL contributors’ work more searchable and discoverable.

You can navigate to an author’s profile page by clicking the author’s name displayed in any of the article lists. On the author profile page, you’ll find contact information and affiliations in addition to information that summarizes the nature of this person’s work, including most frequent collaborator, top cited colleague, top subject area and top keyword.

Author pages also display an array of bibliometric data including average number of citations per article, total citation count and average downloads per article among other relevant statistics. Below this information, author profile pages display an author’s most recent and most popular articles along with a link to view all publications.

ACM automatically creates profiles for every author whose work is included in the Digital Library. Authors can take ownership of their profile pages by clicking the blue “Claim this profile” button at the top of the profile. This will lead to a page where authors can submit a photo, contact information, links to personal and institutional websites, and social media accounts to be included in their profile. If logged in to the DL, authors can also click their name in the top right corner of the screen and select “Take ownership” from the menu.