Explore a paper's bibliometrics and citations

In our last highlight, we explored the “Information & Authors” feature, which exposes a paper’s publication details as well as information about each of its contributors. Today, we’d like to dive into the “Bibliometrics & Citations” feature and introduce you to two ways that you can view this information.

On any article landing page, you will see two icons on the left-hand side of the row above an article’s abstract, a quote icon and a metrics icon. The number beside the quote icon represents a paper’s total citations, and the number next to the metrics icon represents its total downloads. Hovering over these icons will reveal the number of downloads in the previous six weeks and 12 months.

Clicking on the same metrics icon in the vertical icon container to the right of the abstract will expose the “Bibliometrics & Citations” panel. In the “Bibliometrics” panel, you’ll see the “Article Metrics” section, which displays the paper’s total citations and downloads, and the “Other Metrics” section, where clicking the “View Author Metrics” button directs you to a panel containing information on each of the paper’s contributors.

In the “Citations” panel, you will see a list of each paper in which this article was cited. Each citation entry includes basic bibliographic information on the citing article and, where possible, a link to view that paper in the ACM DL, to the publisher's site via Crossref, or resolved through Google Scholar.