The new ACM Digital Library is your portal to the ACM Books series

Last week, we introduced you to conference pages, and how this section of the new ACM Digital Library lets you easily navigate and find information about ACM’s extensive program of conferences. Now, we invite you to discover how the “Books” section of the new DL lets you easily explore both ACM Books -- a series of scholarly research monographs and graduate-level texts.

When you navigate to the ACM Books section from the new DL homepage, you will see a page that displays recently-released titles from the ACM Books series. When you click through to any book’s page, you will see a detailed abstract about the title, and a “Sections” area to the left of the abstract that allows you to view all of the book’s chapter titles, references, main index terms and a running comments section where readers can engage in discussion.

Clicking on the “Archive” tab of the navigation bar on this page will take you to a search page where you can explore every title published in the ACM Books series. The search bar on this page will return books or chapters within ACM Books titles that match your query. The “Forthcoming Books” will lead you to a page that displays all new ACM Books titles that are currently under development. The “Authors” tab displays a tool allowing you to search through all authors of ACM Books, linking to each author’s page in the DL. Finally, the “Award Winners” tab displays the ACM Award winners – as well as Fellows and Distinguished Members – who are also authors of ACM Books.

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