Discover the conferences section in the new ACM Digital Library

Last week, we introduced you to the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) portion of the new ACM Digital Library. Now, we’d like to introduce you to conference pages, and how this section of the new DL lets you easily navigate and find information about ACM's extensive program of conferences.

When you navigate to the “Conferences” section of the ACM DL, you will see a grid display of many of the computing conferences, workshops, and symposia that ACM and ACM’s Special Interest Groups organize. Clicking on any of these conferences will bring you to that specific conference’s page within the DL.

With a layout much like that of the authors, journals and SIGs pages, conferences pages display key information about each conference, including a summary of its area of focus, the SIG sponsors, bibliographic data about its associated publications, and more. Scrolling down, you’ll find when and where the next conference is taking place and see some of the ACM award recipients who belong to that conference’s community. Use the tab navigation at the top to visit pages dedicated to the conference’s “Proceedings,” “Upcoming Events,” “Authors,” “Affiliations” and “Award Winners” in the DL.

Perhaps most significantly, the conferences section of the new DL provides a search feature scoped to the conference you are exploring. The ability to search for articles, authors and other information pertaining to a conference is a powerful way to explore the full context of this conference and its community.