Discover upcoming conferences in the ACM Digital Library

In our last message, we showed you how the “Authors” section of a conference’s DL landing page allows you to discover and connect with the individuals who publish work at a conference. Now, we would like to show you how to use the “Conferences when & where” tool to discover and conferences, workshops, and symposia in your area of interest.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has placed a hold on in-person networking, most of ACM’s conferences are still being held in virtual settings, so now is an opportune time to participate in events that were previously too far away to attend. To discover this feature, navigate to the conferences landing page by selecting “Conferences” in the main navigation bar on the DL homepage, and click “Conferences when & where” in the sub navigation.

On the “Conferences when & where" homepage, scroll past the search fields to view the names and dates of each upcoming ACM conference. Each conference’s row include links to DL homepages of the conference itself as well as its sponsoring SIG. Above this, you will see a search form allowing you to search for conferences by title, sponsoring SIG, date and location.

Using the upcoming conferences list and the conferences search feature, you can explore, find, learn about and register for virtual events in your area of interest that you may not have been able to attend in person. You can also use the map feature to discover in-person conferences by their physical locations. Finally, any upcoming event you wish to attend can be added to your personal calendar.