Explore ACM Conferences in the ACM Digital Library

Last week, we showed you how to use the ACM Digital Library to learn more about an individual SIG’s publications, upcoming events, affiliated authors, institutions and more. Now, we would like to introduce you to the “Conferences” section of the DL, and how you can use this resource to discover the breadth of ACM conferences and their proceedings.

Select “Conferences” in the main navigation bar on the DL homepage to navigate to the conferences landing page. Scroll down this page to see the names of each ACM conference displayed in multicolored tiles. To read more about any individual conference, you can hover over its tile, or click on the tile to navigate to its landing page in the DL. To see a description and links to both the conference’s official website and homepage in the DL, select “List View” above the conference list.

The top of any conference’s DL landing page displays a description of the conference and a link to the sponsoring SIG’s website where you can find additional information about that SIG’s activities and communities. Below the description and link, you’ll find bibliometric data about the conference’s proceedings, including its active publication years, publication counts, total articles available for download, citation counts, etc.

In the section below the bibliometric data, you’ll find links to upcoming conferences and a table displaying the conference’s proceedings (sortable by latest and most viewed). Beneath this, you’ll see a word cloud displaying the top subject areas this conference covers, its most frequent affiliations, and its most-cited authors.

At the bottom of a conference’s landing page, you’ll see a list of the conference’s authors who have received ACM Awards, and a table displaying this conference’s most popular publications (sortable by downloads or citations).