Easily discover a paper's publication and contributor details

The new ACM DL aims be a user-friendly and intuitive portal to the world’s most comprehensive collection of computing and IT literature. But when you move to a new neighborhood, sometimes it takes a while to get your bearings. This email series, which highlights various features of the new ACM DL and how they can enhance your usage, aims to help you do just that.

Today, we’ll look at the “Information & Authors” feature on the article landing page. Here you’ll find publication details as well as information about each of its contributors. Clicking on the “information” icon displays two tabs: “Information” and “Contributors.” (The “information” icon, a lower case “i” enclosed in a gray circle, appears to the right of an article’s landing page or above the abstract on the mobile version.)

Under “Information,” some of the info you’ll find includes the journal or proceedings volume in which the article is published, its publication history, author tags, the conference at which the research was presented (if applicable), and a link to view the article’s bibliometric data. The “Contributors” tab displays details about each of the article’s authors, including their publication years and counts, number of articles available for download, average citations per article, etc. This section also contains a link to each author’s complete profile in the ACM DL.

Note: clicking on the “Authors Info & Affiliations” link to the right of the authors’ names will also open “Information & Authors”.