Discover an institution’s publishing activity and areas of focus in the ACM Digital Library

In our last message, we showed you how to use custom search queries in the ACM Digital Library’s advanced search interface to make your searches even more precise. Now, we would like to introduce you to the DL’s institutional pages, where you can find detailed information about an institution’s publishing history, authors, and areas of focus.


At the top of any author page, click one of the author’s affiliated institutions listed under their name to go to this institution’s page in the DL. At the top of the institutional page, you’ll see details including affiliated authors who have received ACM Awards, most cited author, the top keyword and subject from the previous year, and more. Below this, you’ll find a row of bibliometric statistics including the average number of citations per article, the citation and publication counts, publication years, cumulative downloads, etc.


Scrolling down, you’ll find a bar graph displaying the number of published items in each year the institution has been active, a ranking of the top collaborating institutions, and a word cloud representing the prominence of various subject areas that this institution’s authors cover in their work.


Farther down, you’ll see a table displaying this institution’s most recently published articles. Under each article title, there is a link to its abstract page, a list of its authors, and the publication venue. Finally, the table at the bottom of an institutional page displays the most popular articles published by the institution’s authors, which is sortable by number of downloads or citations.


We invite you to explore these features of the ACM DL on your desktop, tablet and mobile devices. As always, please let us know what you think by using the feedback button in the lower left corner of DL pages or contact us via email at or via Twitter @ACMDL.