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Last week, we showed you how the “Magazines” section of the ACM Digital Library helps you discover more about ACM’s magazines. Now we’d like to introduce you to the “People” section of the ACM DL, and how you can use it to discover ACM’s community of authors across the broad spectrum of computing disciplines.

When you visit the People section of the ACM DL, you will see a sortable selection of ACM authors. Each author’s preview on this page will allow you to click through to their full profile, or see a “Quick View,” which displays the author’s top-level bibliographic data, affiliations, top collaborators, and more. The People landing page also allows you to search for individuals by name, or to use additional search filters like subject, affiliations, geography and others to narrow your results.

Clicking “View Profile” on any author will take you to their author profile, which provides a comprehensive look at this individual’s published work, affiliations, subject areas and more. Only authors who have taken ownership of their ACM DL author profile pages are listed on the new DL People landing page.