Discover how easy it is to get remote access to the ACM Digital Library

Last week, we showed you how the references of articles in the ACM Digital Library contain links directly to one or more sources where the cited paper can be found. Now we’d like to highlight the various methods of remote access the DL offers and acquaint you with how you can browse all the DL’s content when you are away from your subscribing institution’s IP environment.

In addition to IP authentication, the ACM DL offers “single sign-on” and email-domain authentication, which some institutions and companies use to provide access to their researchers, students and employees. These methods, which are set up by the administrator of your institution’s DL subscription, offer remote access when you are away from your office or library. However, the ACM DL offers another method you can use to access when you’re outside of your institution’s IP-authenticated environment that you can set up yourself.

When you’re within your institution’s IP-authenticated setting, simply log in to the DL using your free ACM account. You will then be able to access the DL remotely across all your devices, using the same ACM account credentials. It’s that easy to ensure that you can access DL articles remotely, from your home or on the road. What’s more is that your authentication, which lasts for a period of 30 days, will be automatically refreshed whenever you are logged in to your ACM account while you’re within your institution’s IP setting.

Setting up your free ACM account is fast and easy and allows you to take advantage of many of the powerful features of the new DL. Just click the “Register” button in the top right corner of any DL page to create your ACM account.