Explore smarter, more precise search features in the ACM Digital Library

If you’ve been exploring the beta site of the new ACM Digital Library, you may have noticed improved search functionality that will help you access the content you need when you need it, and keep you informed of new work being published in your areas of interest.

To highlight a just a few enhancements, the new ACM Digital Library’s search experience is:

  • Interactive. Now you can save your searches and receive email notifications when new content meeting the search criteria is published.
  • Smart. Narrow your results using the “advanced search,” or refine your search using a wide array of facets on the search results page.
  • Content-specific. The “Journals,” “Magazines,” “Proceedings,” “Books,” “SIGs” and “Conferences” sections of the DL now have their own search bars so you can more easily discover content from the type of publication you are browsing.

We invite you to explore these features at DLnext.acm.org on your desktop, tablet and mobile devices. As always, please let us know what you think by using the feedback button on the DLNext beta site, or contact us via email at dl-team@hq.acm.org or via Twitter @ACMDL.