Refine your search results with facets and filters in the ACM DL

Searches performed in the ACM Digital Library can easily be refined using facets and filters on the search results page. To the left of the results, you’ll find groupings of filters that allow you to narrow your search based on a wide array of facets.

Focus your search on the people involved with the publications, and filter results based on their names, institutions and/or roles as author, editor or reviewer.

Use the filters to quickly narrow your search to specific journals, magazines or proceedings by name or by publication type, content type, media format and other attributes. Articles published in proceedings can be filtered by sponsor, conference and/or proceedings series.

Filters are also available for narrowing search results based on ACM’s reproducibility badges, allowing you to easily find articles that include submission of software and/or datasets, as well as those that have been evaluated and reproduced.

Want to filter results based on publication date? It’s easy--you can select results within the past one, two or five years, or use the date sliders to select the publication date range of articles for your search.

Facets and filters in the DL help you to zero in on exactly what you’re looking for.