Explore ACM's Special Interest Groups in the new ACM Digital Library

Last week, we showed you how all ACM journal homepages are now hosted in the new ACM DL, allowing you to browse research articles in any of ACM’s peer-reviewed journals with more cohesion and context. Now, we’d like to introduce you to the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) portion of the new DL, and how you can now discover information, publications and research related to each of ACM’s SIGs right in the ACM Digital Library.

When you visit the SIGs homepage in the new ACM DL, you will see each ACM SIG presented in a grid view. Clicking on any SIG in this view will bring you to the landing page in the DL dedicated to this SIG. There, at the top of the page, you will see a high-level summary of the SIG and the technical community it serves, a list of its upcoming conferences, and bibliometric data, including its publication years, number of articles available for download, citation count and more. Scroll down to view additional information including a word cloud of the subject areas the SIG covers, its most frequent institutional affiliations, most cited authors, and a list of the SIG’s latest proceedings. SIG landing pages in the DL also contain links to the SIG’s website, which is managed and updated by the SIG itself.

The top navigation on any SIGs homepage contains “Publications,” “Upcoming Events,” “Authors,” “Affiliations” and “Award Winners” links to help visitors further understand the role that the SIG serves within its technical community. For instance, each SIG’s “Award Winners” page displays individuals associated with the SIG who have received ACM Awards. Additionally, the “Authors” page includes a search feature that allows you to further explore the community of authors who write for the publications associated with that SIG.