Dive deeper into ACM SIGs in the ACM Digital Library

In our last message, we showed you how to use the ACM Digital Library to learn more about ACM’s Special Interest Groups. Now, we would like to show you how to learn more about individual SIG’s publications, upcoming events, affiliated authors, institutions and more.

After navigating to a SIG’s landing page, you can learn more about its publications by clicking “Publications” in the sub-navigation menu. In the top row of this section, you will find titles and descriptions of the SIG’s newsletter as well as any journals or magazines it publishes. The hyperlinked title of each publication points to its homepage in the DL.

Under the heading “Conference Proceedings,” you will find a list of the SIG’s conferences in alphabetical order. Click the name of a conference to expose links to proceedings from each year it was held in reverse chronological order.

Click “Upcoming Events” from the sub-navigation to find names, dates, locations and links to the official websites of this SIG’s next several conferences and a link to browse all ACM conferences.

The “Authors” section displays a listing of this SIG’s most frequent authors, most cited author, the top subject and keyword from last year, and its most frequent institutional affiliation. Below this, you’ll find a robust search feature that allows you to search for this SIG’s affiliated authors using filters including institutions, ACM designations, and dates.

Like the “Authors” page, “Affiliations” displays a listing of the most frequent affiliations of authors who have published in the SIG’s publications. It also provides filters by “Authors,” “Editors,” and “Date.” Click an institution under the “Name” heading to view its homepage, and the number under the “Paper Counts” heading to view papers published by affiliated authors.

Finally, the “Award Winners” tab displays all ACM award recipients and Fellows who have published articles in this SIG’s publications.